Introducing intelligent mobile optical character recognition that works offline.


Arm your business or customer with our flexible and optimised mobile SDK to capture unstructured and semi-structured data.

Save 60% on manual data entry costs

Extract data from your ID cards, invoices, and receipts in realtime with less manual work and fewer typos into your systems and make better decisions using our fully optimized mobile SDK.

Use Cases

Identity Service Providers

Identity service providers have the flexibility to control and encrypt data in different ways.

Optical Character Recognition of over 40 types of identity documents can be detected, including passports, visas (with MRZ) and driving licenses.

Capture your Identity documents in multiple languages to achieve better localization.


Finance and Insurance

Customers can easily open accounts by simply scanning their IDs.

Remove form filling and speed up customer on-boarding in your branch offices.

Minimise repetitive tasks,optimise workflow and save your organisational costs.

Data will be extracted as required to comply with regulation and to meet future industry standards.


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